Nutritional Guidance and Weight Management

Nutritional guidance and weight management programmes in Radlett, Elstree, Hertford, Welwyn, Buntingford, St Albans and across Hertfordshire

Nutritional Guidance

Nutritional guidance, weight loss products and weight management programmes are big business these days. Twenty-first century lifestyles tend to make us eat more calorie dense food than we should and to skip meals or eat on the go. It can be difficult to keep to routines when faced with increasing pressure from home or work and barely a week goes by without a new wonder diet being heralded by the media or celebrities. The simple fact is that weight loss or weight control can be achieved by eating a balanced diet where carbohydrates and proteins provide most of the calories and a smaller amount comes from fats.

I include nutritional guidance in my personal training fitness packages. This means I can help educate you to choosing the right foods and give you the best chance to start and maintain good habits, whilst avoiding the triggers that lead to bad ones. Small changes in your dietary habits can make huge differences to your lifestyle, overall health and longevity.